The Underlying Principles of Augustinian Education1

(Augustinian Province of Sto. Nino de Cebu, Philippines)

Augustinian education as fostered by the Province of Cebu aims
     to promote the development of the total person,
      forming the individual according to principles
        that are based on the Gospel,
         made explicit by the Church,
         and inspired by the teachings of St. Augustine,
         in the light of values that are fully human, and therefore, Christian.

Among these values, foremost is Charity
      -- the love of God and neighbor --
     which nourishes in the person,
       the yearning for Freedom and Truth,
        Dialogue and Friendship,
        Solidarity and Communion.

Persons educated in the Augustinian way,
     freely responding to the demands of their new life in Christ
      with the intellectual and moral integrity expected of their state of maturity,
         are enabled
           to overcome individualism,
           and be competent in their field of specialization
             so as to work effectively
               for the good of the Church
              and society as a whole.
    It is thus that they become active participants in the building-up of the City of God,
         ever generous,
         and fully committed to their task.

Consequently, all Augustinian schools administered by the Province of Cebu
     are viewed as academic centers of faith and communion,
      where the administration and personnel,
     teachers and students,
     with the support of alumni and parents,
         are bound together by the spirit of fraternity
         as they realize a common mission and goal
        "with one mind and heart intent upon God."

In this manner, the educational apostolate of the Province of Cebu,
       responding to the call of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines,
       and obedient to the Constitutions of the Order of St. Augustine,
         commits itself to the task of Re-evangelization.

1The text comes from the Augustinian Province of Cebu's "Philosophy of Education" as found in its Statutes and Quadriennial Program for the years 1996-2000.  The Province held its Provincial Chapter recently, but no updated version of this text has been forthcoming.  The text was approved during the Provincial Chapter of 1996.  I have broken its sentences to give the proper emphasis on its contents.

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